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Rocks Karma Arrows: Part 1 (Chief Niwot & Sand Creek)

Motus Theater, in collaboration with the Louisville Cultural Council, is bringing back our acclaimed production Rocks Karma Arrows for an encore. Join us Friday February 19th from 7-9pm at the Louisville Center for the Arts to see RKA Part 1 and learn how the very first immigrants impacted the original peoples of Boulder County. Part One of Rocks Karma Arrows focuses on the Sand Creek Massacre, Chief Niwot, the founding of Boulder and tells a story that must be heard! After the one hour film, enjoy refreshments while discussing the film with Tom Thomas, historian and Project Manager of the Sand Creek National Historic Site(See Part 2, March 16th; Part 3, April 16th).

Louisville Cultural Council & Motus Theater bring you the film of Motus’ award winning drama, Rocks Karma Arrows (RKA) in 3 Parts. Learn about the impact of immigrants on the Native peoples of this land. Hear our real history from the voices of settlers, Sand Creek Massacre witnesses, miners, CU’s Japanese school teachers, KKK, and more. Listen to Chief Niwot & other leaders’ words that we need to understand in order to build a better community for future generations. Each showing is followed by a facilitated dialogue led by Dr. Glenda Russell and a guest historian. Enjoy refreshments while discussing your thoughts with other community members. (See Part 2, March 16th; Part 3, April 16th).

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April 16th).